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DOWICIDE A is an effective bacteria and mold control in water and polar organic solvent system. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.



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DOWICIDE™ A Antimicrobial

Excellent Aqueous and Polar Organic Solvent Solubility for Preservative Applications

DOWICIDE™ A Antimicrobial is readily soluble in water and in many polar organic solvents. It is usually incorporated directly into the product being preserved as a water or solvent concentrate, or as the flake material.

DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial is Dow’s brand of the sodium salt o-phenylphenate.

Adhesive manufacturers incorporate this antimicrobial into adhesives based on starch, protein, natural and synthetic gums, and latexes to protect the adhesives against attack by bacteria and mold during manufacture and storage, and throughout their service life.

The leather industry utilizes DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial in the paste used in hide-parting operations; and in sizing, finishing, and dressing materials. Metalworking fluid manufacturers employ this antimicrobial to protect the finished fluid against spoilage. Pulp and paper producers protect processing materials with DOWICIDE A, and textile producers utilize it to protect processing materials as well as finished yarns and cloth against the ravages of microorganisms.

Additionally, DOWICIDE A Antimicrobial is used to control mold growth in construction materials and to preserve many products such as automotive polishes, ceramic glazes and clay slips, foam-type fire extinguisher solutions, laundry starch, plastic gaskets, polishing compounds, polyvinyl alcohol, inks, and floor wax emulsions.


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