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Broad Spectrum Bactericide MERGAL K14

MERGAL K14 is a broad spectrum bactericide for Metalworking Fluid Applications. Also recommended for waterborne adhesives and coatings, emulsions and joint cements. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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Mergal K14 is a water-soluble liquid preservative for control of bacteria, yeast, mold, and algae in adhesives, emulsions, dispersion paints and coatings, metalworking fluids, and building material. Intended for use in aqueous products with a raange of pH 3-9 (EPA Registration Number 5383-104)

Mergal K14 is a liquid preservative designed for tankside application to working dilutions of soluble oil, semi-synthetic and synthetic metalworking fluid systems, which can all be subject to microbial degradation. The level of Mergal K14 required for optimum effectiveness is dependant upon the composition and dilution of the metalworking fluid, the severity of operation, and the type and degree of existing contamination. Mergal K14 is highly water soluble and requires no pre-mixing. Avoid dosing Mergal K14 in high temperature zones (ideally, add to fluid below 140°F/ 60°C) and avoid dosing at the same time and location as corrosion inhibitors and alkaline pH adjusters.


  • Broad spectrum of antimicrobial activity
  • Ease of incorporation
  • Longer-lasting efficacy than conventional CMIT/MIT isothiazolinone blends


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