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High Adhesive HITEX S-280

HITEX S-280 is a styrene butadiene used in cementitious materials to improve the workability, adhesion and mechanical properties. 


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S280 is principally used in cementitious material to improve the workability of the fresh paste and also to increase the mechanical properties and the adhesion of the hardened material.

S280 as admixtures can improve the properties, particularly in relation to water absorption reduction, toughness enhancement, vibration damping and increase of the bond strength of cement to reinforcements other than being used as admixtures, S280 is used partial replacement of fine aggregate, for coating, sealing and repairing concrete and for coating steel reinforcing bars for corrosion protection.


Hitex S280 is widely applicable for use in repair/general purpose mortars and overlay applications.

Also, it is likely to be applicable to floors, bridge deck, surfacing and compounds for repairs, road of concrete structures.


  • High adhesive strength enabling it to adhere to special materials such as metals, etc.
  • Good elasticity allowing it to respond flexibly to movement of the ground coat material. 
  • Weatherproof and waterproof of capabilities that help prevent the deterioraton of the ground-coat material

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