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Industrial Coatings CRAYVALLAC 60X

An oxidised polyethylene wax dispersed in xylene.


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CRAYVALLAC® 60 X is a waxy solid paste consisting of very fine droplets of oxidized polyethylene dispersed in xylene. The fine nature of this dispersion means that CRAYVALLAC® 60X is easily incorporated and activated in coating systems. It is mainly used in industrial and maintenance coatings where its primary function is to provide pigment suspension without any increase in the apparent viscosity. CRAYVALLAC® 60 X can generally be used in most solvent-based formulations. Typical applications are epoxy primers, vinyl primers, anti-fouling paints, road marking paints and chlorinated rubber coatings.

CRAYVALLAC® 60 X can be incorporated using most high shear dispersion equipment. It is particularly suited to incorporation by high-speed disperser. These develop both the necessary temperature and shear for efficient activation. CRAYVALLAC® 60 X is best added to the highspeed disperser following the initial charge of binder, pigments and extenders prior to the dispersion stage. Efficient dispersion and activation requires the generation of a temperature in excess of 45°C (113°F) during the dispersion stage. One additional advantage to be gained from CRAYVALLAC® 60 X is that when used in conjunction with amide based rheology modifiers such as CRAYVALLAC® SUPER and CRAYVALLAC® ULTRA a synergistic effect is often observed in that a disproportionately higher than expected level of anti-settle and sag resistance performance is obtained.

Due to the multitude of formulations, processing methods and application conditions used in the field, we strongly recommend that all products containing CRAYVALLAC® 60 X be tested thoroughly to ensure their suitability for their intended end use. In particular, application in poorly ventilated areas, or on hot substrates, or by hot spray, may require additional attention.


  • Easily dispersed
  • Good anti-settle properties at spraying viscosities
  • Very little effect on the apparent viscosity
  • Good sag resistance
  • Prevents caking in dip tanks, delivery lines and storage containers
  • Good recoatability
  • Tolerant to high processing temperatures

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