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Low Structure Specialty Black (High Gloss) REGAL 400R

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REGAL 400R is low structure carbon black designed to impart high gloss and very good color strength. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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REGAL 400R is a regular color black pigment that has a high oxidized surface and imparts good dispersibility, high gloss and color strength. This product is well suited for use in printing inks, toners, plastics, coatings.

Application Information:

Lithographic Inks

REGAL 400R pigment black is a high gloss, high strength black for sheet fed and heat set lithographic ink applications. With its oxidized surface, REGAL 400R has very good dispersibility and imparts good flow to lithographic inks.

Liquid Inks

REGAL 400R pigment black is especially stable in nitrocellulose and polyamide liquid inks. It disperses very well with good viscosity and dispersion stability. It’s gloss and strength are a good combination for packaging inks on non-porous substrates.

Energy Curing Inks

REGAL 400R pigment black is well suited for energy curing liquid and paste printing inks, requiring high gloss and high color strength. The oxidized surface imparts excellent flow and gloss in paste Energy Cure Inks, while offering excellent dispersion stability.


REGAL 400R provides good color and value in PVC compounds. It imparts excellent dispersion and color in artificial leather and other textile applications.


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