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PU Thickener ADEKANOL UH-752

ADEKANOL UH-752 is used as thickener for synthetic resin emulsions in a wide range of applications, mainly water borne emulsion paints and adhesives.


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ADEKANOL UH-752 is a liquid thickener featuring high water-resistance and excellent thickening performance and provides high thixotropic effects. UH-752 successfully overcomes the known problem of viscous instability by temperature change. With the use of UH-752, paint formulations need not be changed for summer or winter. In contrast to cellulose derivatives requiring the use of dilution tanks, UH-752 can be directly mixed into compounds or added at a later stage, e.g. during actual paint production.


  • Highly water-resistant
  • Excellent thickening effect to provide thixotropic property 
  • Changes in compound viscosity due to temperature fluctuations are minimized. Hence, product’s viscosity remains stable regardless of season and application temperature.
  • The nonionic UH-752 can be applied with any other type of thickeners and compounds with various pH-values for optimal viscosity rates and properties.
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