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Superior Electrical Conductivity TUBALL MATRIX 203


A concentrate based on ultralow dosage single wall carbon nanotubes specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity to solvent-based epoxy and solvent-based polyurethane systems while retaining mechanical properties and minimally impacting the host matrix.


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TUBALL™ is a unique single wall carbon nanotube additive from OCSiAl that provides electrical conductivity at ultralow dosage with minimal impact on the rheological and mechanical properties of the host matrix.

TUBALL™ MATRIX 203 is designed for the most demanding applications in the automotive, petrochemical, oil and gas, healthcare, pharmaceutical and electronics industries.


  • TUBALL™ single wall carbon nanotubes, carried by TUBALL™ MATRIX, enable ultralow dosage starting at 0.01%;
  • Production of conductive parts that retain colours;
  • Maintain and even increase mechanical strength. Increase in fracture toughness of up to 25%;
  • Ensure permanent and uniform electrical conductivity without “hot spots”;
  • Without significant increase of viscosity or density of the host material.
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