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Extremely effective biocides that can provide microbial protection of water-based chemical specialty products. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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UCARCIDE 50 Antimicrobial consist of glutaraldehyde-based products that have found widespread use in a variety of preservative applications. It can be used to control the growth of bacteria and fungi in aqueous or water-containing products and systems, including industrial, institutional and consumer in-can processes and products.

A major concern in the preparation of water-based chemical specialty products is adequate protection against microbiological contamination. Such contamination can be introduced from many sources, including:

  • Raw materials, especially water
  • Containers and their closures
  • Manufacturing equipment and the plant environment
  • The user and the environment during normal consumer life of the product

UCARCIDE 25 Antimicrobial and UCARCIDE 50 Antimicrobial can help to eliminate microbial contamination problems. Based on the powerful and unparalleled antimicrobial action of glutaraldehyde, these high-performance antimicrobials provide excellent control over a wide variety of microorganisms. UCARCIDE antimicrobials are also extremely effective at very low concentrations.


  • Antimicrobial efficacy against bacteria, mold, and yeast at low use concentrations (0.01-0.1% active ingredient).
  • Excellent compatibility with anionic, nonionic, and cationic surfactants
  • Biocidal activity over a broad pH and temperature range
  • No odor at end-use concentrations
  • Good chemical compatibility with many other antimicrobials
  • High salt tolerance
  • Complete solubility in water
  • End-use concentrations of glutaraldehyde can easily be analyzed on site with field test kits, or in the laboratory by several different methods
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