Effect of Covid-19 on Philippines' Paint, Construction and Ink Industry

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Effect of Covid-19 on Philippines' Paint, Construction and Ink Industry
Effect of Covid-19 on Philippines' Paint, Construction and Ink Industry

The COVID-19 virus originating from Wuhan, China, is now an epidemic that affected and infected almost all countries in the world.

When Philippines reported the first death outside China, the government quickly took several steps to control the spread of the virus. The steps implemented nationwide include suspension of classes all over the country; closure of all public transportation; banning international and local travel; stringent social distancing measures; and enforcing enhanced community quarantine or ECQ (lockdown).

The lockdown affects all manufacturing activities excluding essential businesses such as food and pharmaceutical. Other industries such as paint, inks, adhesives and construction are considered non-essential and are not operational.

Philippine Paint Industry

Most of the paint companies in the Philippines are non-operational since the national government implemented the ECQ. Some companies that cater not only to the paint industry are allowed to operate but the workforce is skeletal.

Century Chemicals are operational but only producing alcohol, disinfectants and hand sanitizer. Treasure Island is also doing the same. Meanwhile, Jotun Philippines is operational but has a limited workforce.

Boysen, the biggest paint company, remains on lockdown as well as Davies Paints, Asian Coatings, Nippon Paints, Universal Paints, Globesco, Sycwin, Ajaycee, Roosevelt Chemicals, Magna Prime, and other paint companies.


Packaging Ink Industry

When the lockdown started, all ink manufacturing companies are also non-operational. Eventually, some companies resume some operation to support mainly the packaging needs for the food industry.

The three Japanese owned ink companies: DIC, Toyo Ink, and CDI Sakata are operational. Some of the local companies that have also resumed production are Metr Hue-Tech, Asa Color, Omnipack, and Flexible Packaging.


Construction Industry

As the paint industry, most construction manufacturing companies are non-operational. This includes ABC, Bostik Philippines, Sika group, and others.

All construction work stopped to prevent further spread of the virus even the government projects are on shutdown.

Clearly, the effect of this epidemic is felt across all sectors of society. The food industry is an exception, for we cannot function without food on the table.


Nonetheless, we hope all countries can recover from this pandemic soon. 


Written by Jasmin from Maha Philippines



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