Local Trend: Water Emulsified Alkyd as Low VOC, Low Cost Paint

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Local Trend: Water Emulsified Alkyd as Low VOC, Low Cost Paint
Local Trend: Water Emulsified Alkyd as Low VOC, Low Cost Paint

Paints, paints, paints

Paints are primarily used to improve aesthetic properties and to protect almost all surfaces at home, office, and industry.

The Philippines paint market is a very competitive market in terms of pricing and quality. Paint manufacturers are always finding solutions to make quality paint using different technologies.

Paint is everywhere. It is ever-present in everyday life, where some agencies like DENR and FDA are regulating the volatile organic compounds (VOC) found in paints to ensure it is safe to use around people.


Why is Water Emulsified Alkyd is gaining Trend in PH Market?

Alkyd paints are mostly used in furniture and cabinets due to its lustrous finish and resistant to stains. It is also used as traffic paint for its durability.

However, alkyd paints are high in VOC due to the solvents used in its manufacturing. Paint manufacturers are now producing water emulsified alkyd to reduce the VOC content.

In the Philippines, most manufacturers are using Lorama technology (using polysaccharide emulsifier) or AMP 95 technology. The water is incorporated in the alkyd paint using either of the two methods. This lowers the VOC content and cost and at the same time retaining all the property of the solvent-based alkyd paint if formulated properly.

The water emulsified alkyd also has a less pungent smell. In condominiums, they mostly use this type of paint in the interior furniture for a fast turnover. 


Customer Formulation: Water Emulsified Alkyd

One customer has shared the general formulation they use in making water emulsified paint. 

Description  QTY (K)
Medium Soya 25.00
Dispersant 0.30
Rheology Agent 0.25
Kerosene 5.00
Titanium Dioxide 12.00
Grind 7-8 NS  
Rosin Modified 25.00
Driers 1.20
Anti Skinning 0.20
Emulsifier 0.30
Varsol 1425 0.75
Water 30.00


Viscosity = 90-95 KU

SG = 0.95 K/L

Product Recommendation

The recommended alkyd resin (medium oil soya) from Arkema is Synolac S53W60. It is promoted along with AMP 95 from ANGUS.

Arkema is now evaluating this resin to be used in water emulsified alkyd. Once Arkema is done with the testing, the chance of penetrating PH market will significantly increase.


How Can We Help?

Looking to incorporate this latest trend of water emulsified alkyd as a low-cost VOC and paint? Contact our professionals today to find out more!


Written by Jasmin from Maha Philippines




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