Painting Myths Debunked

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Painting Myths Debunked
Painting Myths Debunked

Myth #1 - Paint is paint, you can apply it everywhere.

Untrue. Each surface needs a specific kind of paint. There are three things that are needed to be considered to get the right kind of paint:

  • First, is it a new painting job or a repainting job
  • Second, is the substrate inside or outside
  • Third, is the surface plain or textured

Myth #2 - A primer can go without a topcoat.

You need them both.

The function of the primer is to protect the substrate and serves as the base that will help the topcoat to stick to the surface, while the topcoat is made to withstand wear and tear that a primer cannot handle.

Together, they make a long-lasting paint job

Myth #3 - You can get the exact paint colour that you’ve seen on your phone screen.

Not quite. You can't replicate the colours that you see on your phone or computer screen because devices have different screen resolutions.

It’s best to visit a home depot with a colour matching service near you so you can see for yourself the paint colours that you like


Myth #4 - The higher the gloss, the easier to clean the surface.

True in the old days but not anymore. Research and development of water-based paints have created washable matte and flat finishes. It is the density of the finish that is key.

A porous paint will hold dirt and stains, while a dense, smooth finish will not. New acrylic resins have almost magical qualities in their ability to resist staining and scuffing.


Myth #5 - Water-based paint dissolves in water so you can’t use it on outside walls.

False. Water-based paint is durable, and it can’t be washed away with water when it has dried.


Myth #6 - Wall paints can be applied on floors.

It’s not ideal to use wall paints to floors because wall paints are not made to withstand too much wear and tear that floors are exposed to, but you can use floor paints on your walls.


How can we help?

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Written by Jasmin from Maha Philippines



Amanda Mui Posted by Amanda Mui

Amanda is an extremely curious individual, constantly on the search for hidden gems and enthusiastic to share new experiences!

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