The Future of Work is Changing

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The Future of Work is Changing
The Future of Work is Changing

Future of Work

At this point in time, around half of the working class in the Philippines is used to working from home. For the past few months, most have used countless Zoom and Skype calls, making Dalgona Coffee in between and trying to maintain composure in the face of uncertainty.

How will our job change in the future? Some changes may be temporary until a vaccine is developed, while some changes may be permanent.

In a country like the Philippines, these changes are hard. As a labour-intensive country, most work is done manually. Most people are not used to utilizing modern technology as a tool for business.

Here are some ways that our job may change due to COVID-19:

1. Get used to working from home

This won’t apply to every job, especially in the manufacturing sector, but it seems that people can be productive working from home.

The IT sector has the option to continue a work-from-home policy. If people have an option to work from home, they will grab the opportunity even after the lockdown is lifted as most feel safer this way.

However, not all people have the means like internet, computer, and communication allowance to do so. This setup also minimizes people from going outside, hence minimizing the further spread of the virus.

2. Get used to being monitored

Productivity is always a top priority even when work from home policy is being implemented. Companies may increase monitoring efforts on their employees to ensure productivity.

Productivity can still be measured and tracked even at a work from home set up. For instance, a daily record or list is required by employees to provide a list of target and goals every day. This way, superiors can check the daily activity of their people and if the job is done or if help is needed to finish a goal.

3. More phone and video calls and fewer in-person meetings

Filipinos love in-person meetings, sometimes over a cup of coffee at Starbucks or Coffee Bean. What will happen now?

Video conference calls are now the new normal due to COVID-19 pandemic. It is especially hard for salespeople to do their job because most of the meetings are conducted in-person.

This may or may not happen in every industry, but it is understandable for the companies to protect their employees and their clients in a post COVID world. Travel will also be less or non at all, and this will greatly affect the airline and hospitality industry, though hopefully just in the short-term.

Businesses will go on. It will definitely look different than before but changes are inevitable. Life will continue.


Written by Jasmin from Maha Philippines.




Amanda Mui Posted by Amanda Mui

Amanda is an extremely curious individual, constantly on the search for hidden gems and enthusiastic to share new experiences!

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