Tips to Stay Safe & Maintain Personal Hygiene in Public Spaces

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3 Tips to Stay Safe & Maintain Personal Hygiene in Public Spaces
3 Tips to Stay Safe & Maintain Personal Hygiene in Public Spaces

What have you gained this period over the last 6 months? Be it newfound cooking skills, a regular exercise routine or more family time, I’m sure everyone has gained better personal hygiene!

Now that things are gradually opening up, here  are some tips for you to continue staying safe (even when others aren’t).

1. Mask Up!

Wearing a mask significantly reducing transmission rates as proved by many scientific researchers across the globe. An experiment conducted by A*STAR clearly explains why too!



  • When someone is sick and coughs or sneeze without wearing a mask, the droplets produced contain viruses that can travel 2-3m.
  • When these droplets land on someone else face or even on a surface that is subsequently touched by a later unfortunate party, it may make that party sick.
  • When worn the mask correctly, most of these droplets are blocked and hence reducing transmission of viruses.

See someone who’s not wearing their mask correctly or not wearing any mask at all? Send them this infographic

2. Protect Your Face

Woman with a face mask face shield during covid 19 protection

For the full package, try using a face shield as well! Not only does it protect other’s droplets from ruining your perfect skincare routine, but also prevents you from unconsciously touching your face.

“What do you mean unconsciously?”

Well, did you know it is estimated that people touch their face close to 23 times per hour? Unwashed hands carry viruses, bacteria and other germs that when in contact with the membranes on our face, can cause the transfer of these germs, leading to a spread of viruses and infection.

3. Avoid Touching Surfaces!

Having completed your outfit with your mask and face shield, you should still avoid touching surfaces. Here’s why.

Virus can survive on surfaces from between three hours to seven days, depending on the material of the surface

  • Glass - 5 days.
  • Wood - 4 days.
  • Plastic & stainless-steel - 3 days.
  • Cardboard - 24 hours.
  • Copper surfaces - 4 hours.

How should you then open a door or press a button without touching them? If only there was something that could do that for you...

Door handle presser 3d printeddoor pull 3d printed device door handle and pull 3d printed

This 3D printed nifty little gadget does the trick! Minimize contact with surfaces while still being able to open door handles. Its small size makes it easy to carry around and keep.

No more using your umbrellas or elbow to press buttons or attempt to open doors, let it do the work for you!

How can Chem-On Help?

From face mask, shield to practical gadgets, anything is possible with a 3D printer. Have a design in mind?

Contact us for your 3D printing solutions today! Besides 3D printing services, we also carry a comprehensive range of 3D printers for all business needs – small or mass industrial usage, enquire at or check out our 3D printing solutions here on Chem-On!

Amanda Mui Posted by Amanda Mui

Amanda is an extremely curious individual, constantly on the search for hidden gems and enthusiastic to share new experiences!

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