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BLACK PEARLS® 280 is a general purpose low color pigment black suitable for a variety of tinting applications. Its high structure coupled with low surface area make it one of the easiest to disperse carbon blacks.


  • Printing Inks
  • Coatings
  • Concrete & Cement
  • General Dispersions
  • Paper Applications




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Application Information

Printing Inks

BLACK PEARLS 280 is a high structure general purpose pigment black that is broadly applicable in a variety of inks. It is particularly suitable for lithographic and gravure printing where a matte finish is required. Also, this pigment black offers very blue undertone, excellent hold out or lay with excellent dispersability.


This pigment black can be used in a variety of coatings applications. It is recommended for underbody/underhood automotive, general industrial, or architectural trade sales applications where high jetness is not required. It is also recommended for use as a tinting black since the relatively large particle size allows for high loading while the high structure allows less mobility in the wet film of the applied coating. This reduces problems with floating and flooding in liquid tinting applications. It can be dispersed using a high speed disperser or sandmill for liquid coatings or a single screw extruder for powder coatings.

Other Applications

In addition to the applications listed above, this product is commonly used as a pigment in Concrete & Cement, General Dispersions, and Paper Applications

As with all carbon blacks, the dispersability of BLACK PEARLS 280 depends on the equipment used and the formulation. Most low color pigment blacks exhibit the same ease of dispersion because of their relatively large particle size.

BLACK PEARLS 280 is a pelleted pigment black with a typical bulk density of 365 kg/m3 (23 lb/ft3 ). It is also available in an easier to disperse powdered form as MONARCH® 280.


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