Concentrate for Epoxy Resins TUBALL MATRIX 201 (1 KG)


Concentrate for Epoxy Resins TUBALL MATRIX 201 (1 KG)

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TUBALL MATRIX 201 is a concentrate based on TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes specifically designed to provide superior electrical conductivity to solvent-free epoxy systems while retaining mechanical properties and minimally impacting the host matrix.

TUBALL MATRIX 201 is available in flakes with a pasty texture form. TUBALL is a unique single wall carbon nanotube additive from OCSiAl that provides electrical conductivity at ultralow dosage with minimal impact on the rheological and mechanical properties of the host matrix.



  • Anti-static flooring.
  • Composite anti-static pipes
  • Electrostatic dissipative composite materials
  • Other applications where electrical conductivity is required.


  • TUBALL MATRIX enables ultralow dosage starting with 0.1 wt.%.
  • Allow production of conductive parts that retains bright colors
  • Maintain and even increase mechanical strength
  • Ensure permanent and uniform electrical conductivity without “hot spots”
  • Without significant increase of viscosity and density of the host material.

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