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Conductive Specialty Black (High Reinforcing) VULCAN P


VULCAN® P carbon black is a pelleted highly reinforcing furnace black in the class formerly known as Super Conductive Furnace Black. It has a high surface area per unit mass and some surface porosity. VULCAN P carbon black is designed to impart electrical conductivity to rubber and plastic compounds.

VULCAN P carbon black has an exceptional purity, demonstrated by an extremely low solvent extract level, sulfur content, ash level and sieve residue. This exceptional chemical and physical purity with easier dispersion in rubber distinguishes VULCAN P carbon black from Cabot’s STERLING® C mediumconductive carbon black.



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The effect of VULCAN P carbon black on electrical conductivity in rubber compounds is dependent on carbon black loading. The VULCAN P percolation curve relative to other carbon blacks in rubber can be found below.

Rubber components having electrical resistivity in the range 103 to 106 ohm·cm are normally classified as “antistatic” and components below 103 ohm·cm are classified as “conductive”. VULCAN P carbon black can meet these conductivity requirements without need for very high carbon black loadings. Its dispersion and processing in rubber is easier than very super conductive carbon black products.

The rubber reinforcement properties of VULCAN P carbon black are comparable to those of ASTM N300 type carbon blacks.


  • Antistatic and conductive applications
    • Hospital flooring and sheeting
    • Conveyor and power transmission belts
    • Printing rolls
    • Hoses for mining, petroleum
    • Cable screening
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