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Farsoon 252P SLS Series


- Industrial grade selective laser sintering (SLS) additive manufacturing
- Open system - No material restriction and fully customizable settings
- 2 configurations: HT 220degrees or ST 280degrees

- Build size: 250x250x320mm
- Laser type: 1x 60Watt or 100Watt CO2 Laser
- Max Chamber Temp: 220 or 280
Materials: PA6, PA11, PA12, PA-CF, PA-MF, PA-GF, TPU, PPS


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A powerful, high temperature industrial 3D printing system for your additive manufacturing needs
The 252P series offers two configurations capable of achieving processing chamber temperatures from up to to 220°C (HT) to 280°C (ST) systems. Enhanced thermal controls, temperature shielded components, and enhanced parameters offer customers the ability to process high performance polymers such as PA6,PA6-6,PPS,etc.

The 252P series is capable of achieving chamber temperatures of up to 220°C and 280°C with the HT252P and ST252P systems. Enhanced temperature shielding, laser power and thermal controls enable the 252P series to process high-performance materials such as PA6, PA66, and PEI for direct-use applications.
With the 252P series, Farsoon is able to support a wide range of additive solutions in various industries including scientific research, automotive, medical, and aerospace. Like all other Farsoon systems the 252P series is open platform allowing for unprecedented freedom in manufacturing band material development.
The 252P series features a streamlined touch screen based UI configuration for the production environment. With the capability to switch between production mode and expert mode the 252P offers both easy operations and control to the user.
The 252P series like all Farsoon systems is offered with a full set of self-developed Farsoon software. This powerful set of tools enables a variety of functions that range from build preparation to machine control and operations while remaining completely compatible with third party software and materials.


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