Farsoon 252P Flight SLS Series: Chem On Singapore

Process and Manufacturing Solutions

Farsoon Polymer System Flight 252P Series

  • Industrial grade Plastic Laser Powder Bed Fusion system equipped with Flight Technology
  • Compact, versatile platform for material development or small batch production
  • Build envelope: 250x250x320mm
  • Laser type: 1x 300Watt Fiber Laser
  • Robust Fiber Laser enables ultra-fast build speed and detail resolution
  • 2 high-temperature configurations: HT252P up to 220 degrees or ST252P up to 280 degrees
  • Open material platform: Capable to process materials including PA6, PA11, PA12, TPU, reinforced materials and more
  • Open parameter strategy: Ultimate access to a wide range of key parameters customization for specific applications


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Equipped with powerful fiber laser instead of standard CO2 laser, Flight 252P series is able to deliver greatly increased power to the powder bed due to its more robust and stable nature of fiber laser. It also provides improved laser longevity which is key when considering ROI for manufacturing applications.


The Flight 252P series offers two configurations capable of achieving build chamber temperatures from up to 220°C (HT) to 280°C (ST). Enhanced thermal control, temperature shielding components, and enhanced parameters enable the users to process high-performance materials.


Featuring with increased energy absorption of fiber laser, paired with truly open parameters, Flight 252P series is capable of accessing a much wider range of process-able materials and operational flexibility compared to standard laser sintering systems, allowing for fully freedom of material and application development.

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