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Harmless Eco-friendly Deodorizing and Sterilizing Agent TLCUO Life (60mL)


As consumers become more sensitive to smell, there is a growing demand in clean hygiene management and eco-friendly products around us. We now carrying TLCUO - an excellent sterilizing and deorizing agent! Not just a deodorant, TLCUO it's also a harmless and eco-friendly sterilizing agent.

Improves air quality in hospitals and public facilities.
Removes all kinds of bacteria, viruses, and unpleasant odors all over the house.
Remove pet and fungal odors

Also available in: Pure (Original), Pet (Pets, Premium Pets)

Scents: Phytoncide, Lemon, Lavender



TLCUO is a Nano-based active peroxide acetic acid agent that contains specialized substances, which is excellent for strong sterilization and deodorization. In particular, “TLCUO” is a harmless product to the human body because it is able to degrade pollutants such as germs and odors and is returned to water and carbon dioxide.

TLCUO Pure (click to see more)

       TLCUO Pure

TLCUO Pet (click to see more)
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Product Characteristics

•Sterilization by perfect decomposition, such as germs, bacteria, and fungi that cause material decay.
•Sterilization with strong oxidative power and dissolving substances that cause odour
•Sterilized disinfection deodorant spray made from substances that are safe to use directly in food products


•Hospital room, Hospital Interior Space, Bedroom, Furniture, Operating room
•Kitchen, pet, air-conditioning, pet, shoes, clothes, car

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