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CRAYAMID 125 for High Build Coating

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Medium viscosity liquid amino polyamide resin used in conjunction with epoxy resins to produce high build coatings and structural and laminating adhesives. It is used where the prime requirement are fast cure and flexibility. It is compatible with many sunthetic resins, varnishes, oils and other media. For delivery overseas, please contact us via our Live Chat!


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The selection of a particular grade of epoxy will depend upon the end use of the product.It is recommended that for high build coating it is always recommended to use low molecular weight epoxy. In solvent based coatings medium molecular weight and unmodified liquid epoxy resins may be used , while for adhesive applications either the unmodified or modified liquid epoxy resins are recommended.

While the mixing ratio using CRAYAMID polyamides is not critical, optimum performance of the coating is achieved by stoichiometric mixing of the epoxy resin and CRAYAMID 125. The mix ratio is calculated on the basis of one Active Hydrogen Equivalent weight of the polyamide resin, will react with each epoxy group in the base resin. The AHEW of the polyamide resin CRAYAMID125 is typically 130 on solid resin.

Considering that each epoxy reacts with one active hydrogen the mix ratio of CRAYAMID125 and an epoxy resin with epoxide equivalent approx. 500 is calculated as follows;


Mass of solid

Resin Mass of Resin Solution




75% Epoxy resin 2



The resulting epoxy:polyamide mix ratio in this case is approx. 80:20 based on solid resin. Excess polyamide in a coating will Impart flexibility and adhesion at the expense of solvent resistance.

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