QR Coded Amber Volumetric Flasks Class A: Chem On Singapore

Laboratory Glasswares

QR Coded Amber Volumetric Flasks Class A

  • Volumetric Flasks Class A are made from ASTM E 438 TYPE 1 CLASS A heat resistant BORO 3.3 Glass that meet ISO 1042 standard with individual work certificate and serial number.
  • The calibration is done on automatic computer controlled machines and are calibrated to contain (TC, In) according to the ISO tolerance standards.
  • These are supplied with PP stoppers or glass stoppers in both amber and clear glass.
  • All A Class flasks are printed in Blue color & B Class in White colour
  • Amber Glass is marked in white colour the meniscus mark is diamond grinded for longer persistence and better accuracy.
  • All Class A Volumetric Flask comes with Conformity Batch Certificate or Individual Work Certificate and hace "DE-M" mark printed on the flask.
  • All the QR Coded Flasks come with Blue Marking Ring on Clear Flask & White Marking Ring on Amber Flask for better Visibility of Meniscus.

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