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Dehydroxylated Aluminium Silicate MAHA CK-80

MAHA CK-80 is a good hiding, partial replacement of TiO2 with excellent opacity. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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Maha CK-80 is a dehydroxylated aluminium silicate.

It is produced through delamination, calcination and classification. The well-controlled process ensures without any course particle. Maha CK-80 has low contentĀ of 325 mesh screen residue and always keep high Hegman grind.


Maha CK-80 can be applied to latex paint, powder coating and fields.

Its main benefits are:

  • It's the best extender of titanium dioxide with excellent opacity that can improve efficiency and cut costs by partly replacing titanium dioxide.
  • It can easily disperse in water or oil base after highly micornizing trituranting.
  • Superfine particle, excellent anti-settling property gives coating good tin opening effect.
  • Good inert to any acid and alkali in common temperature gives coatings excellent corrosion stability