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Electrical and Electronic

Medium Color Specialty Black BLACK PEARLS 800

BLACK PEARLS 800 is a pellet form of Monarch 800, carbon black of good UV durability, provides excellent jetness and blue undertone. *All prices are stated in terms of packaging.


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Color performance for consumer goods

Many consumer goods such as applicances, electronics equipment (e.g. mobile phones, tablets) and packaging (including food contact) need to meet the increasingly stringent aesthetic requirements of consumers who require deep black color balanced with appealing bluetone. For these types of applications where components are visible to end-customers, color performance is critical. Surface smoothness, dispersibility and mechanical performance are also required to meet the performance requirements of the end-use product. In addition, an ever-increasing range of polymers are used; these include basic polymers such as polyolefins, polystyrene and PVC, as well as high performing polymers such as ABS, nylon and PC. Blends and composites are also increasingly used. We offer a full portfolio of specialty blacks to meet both basic and highly demanding applications (Figure 1).Brochure - BLACK PEARLS 800


  • Color Properties
  • Dispersion
  • Viscosity
  • UV Protection
  • Physical Form
  • Conductivity


  • Molding and thermoforming of high color plastic parts
  • Coatings applications
  • Liquid dispersions
  • Dispersion for leather and textiles
  • Magnetic Media

BLACK PEARLS 800 has a typical bulk density of 430 kg/m3 (27 lb/ft3).