Shining 3D EP-A350/EP-A450/EP-A650: Chem On Singapore

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Shining 3D EP-A350/EP-A450/EP-A650

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EP-A350/EP-A450/EP-A650 3D Printer Stereo Lithography is developed by SHINING3D, which is professional in 3D printing technology. The system is user friendly with high stability, care-free maintenance and perfect printing result.



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Stable & Reliable
• Dense high precision marble moving substrate
• Self-developed software, support continuous upgrade
• Automatic detection & calibration by functional module ensure working stability
• Optimized structure, less maintenance

High Efficiency
• Patented VarioBeam technology
• High-speed scan
• Brand-new software brings one-click print and outstanding performance

High Accuracy
• Self-developed 3D optical high-precision calibration technology
• Avoiding the influence of human factors

User-friendly & Intelligent
• Provide different processing parameter package
• Broad application flexibility
• Remote control available

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