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Shining 3D EP-A800


EP-A800 Large-size Resin 3d printer suits for producing prototypes, rapid molds, precision casting prototypes, sole molds and dental orthodontic models.


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Large Size, High efficiency, Great productivity

  • Compared with EP-A650, the build volume is increased by 85% to 800mm*800mm*450mm.
  • Based on the dynamic optimization of printing path algorithm andthe patented VarioBeam technology, the printing efficiency is doubled.
  • With dual-laser, the printing speed  is 30%~45% faster than single-laser.

Patented Technology, Stable and Reliable, High Precision

  • Patented VarioBeam Technology,which has a high positioning accuracy, ensures processing efficiency and surface quality as well.
  • Liquid-level Control Technology, the adjustment accuracy is within ±0.01mm; automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.
  • Automatic detection during printing, dynamic fine adjustment.
  • The design of machine hardware framework is optimized and more stable.
  • 00-level marble platform to improve the motion accuracy and long-term stability.

Variety materials open system and meet diversified application requirements

  • Offering material, related applications technology support for prototype part shell, structure testing, jigs and fixtures, investment casting, prototype rollover, medical models and guidance boards
  • Offering variety material’s printing parameter packages and opening common parameter adjustment for users’ fine tune.
  • Open material selection, compatible with main 355 nm photosensitive resin in market

User-friendly Software, Easy to operate

  • Optimized software automatically identifies the model features and surface quality.
  • Provide variety of process parameter packages, such as dimensionand power coefficient, to customers for convenient adjustments.
  • The process parameters can be dynamically specified for a better printing.
  • One-click to calibrate the Laser Power. The power will be detected and adjusted automatically before printing.
  • Simple software, One-click to print, The printing parameters is clearly displayed in real time.
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